To create a future where people can be excited
about working and career growth
even at the age of a 100 years

In 2004, I founded Grooves with the idea of “revitalizing the Japanese economy with the human resource business”.
We have taken on the challenge of innovating the human resource industry, by focusing on our core services, “Crowd Agent” and “Forkwell”.

We believe that our values will become more diverse in the future as we move into the paradigm
shift of longevity, climate change, population change, the fourth industrial revolution, and the plague.
In addition, it is said that the average life expectancy of a child today is 100 years old. The time will come when we will be working longer than ever before.

We have the three intangible assets (from “The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity'' by Lynda Gratton) to create a future (Utopia)
where people and jobs match easily, and where people can be excited to work and gain career growth even at the age of 100.

The first asset is “Productive assets” which are intangible items that support productivity at work and boost income and career prospects.
The second asset is “Vitality assets”, which refers to physical, psychological well-being, and building good relationships with friends and family.
The third asset is “Transformational assets”, which is to have a dynamic and diverse network of people and allow yourself to have new experiences.

In the human resource business, we imagine it is necessary to understand that we need a sustainable society
and we can improve these three assets by creating matches between people and jobs that suit their lifestyle instead of just basing it on skills.

Based on the vision of “Career Discovery'', we will contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy more than ever.
This is the responsibility we shall fulfill and the future we want to envision.

Grooves Inc. CEOYukihiro IkemiMarch 2022